Suspension Upgrades & Repairs

Vehicle Lift Kits Yeppoon

Suspension Upgrades & Repairs Yeppoon

Suspension Upgrades

Setting up suspension for different applications can be quite difficult at times so why not leave it to the professionals at TRG Tyre and Mechanical. We have the ability to set vehicles up for multiple different applications, one of the most common we deal with at TRG is setting vehicles up for towing large loads such as caravans or boats. Original manufacturer’s suspension is not designed for hauling these large loads. Contact us to discuss our suspension upgrades & repairs, the best option for your vehicle and the uses you will need your car to be set up for.

Lift Kits

Into four-wheel driving? So is the team at TRG Tyre & Mechanical. Our team have a lot of extensive knowledge in lift kits and what will be best suited to your needs. For on-road use, the biggest lift kit legally allowed is two inches lift, although 2 inches may not seem like much it can make a huge difference when off-road. Give the team a call today to discuss how serious you want to go with your off-road adventures.

Suspension Repairs

We specialise in repairing all different suspension components. If your vehicle or trailer is making funny noises that you are unsure where they are coming from, a lot of the time it will be the suspension. This can vary from bushes to complete suspension overhauls. Let the team at TRG assess the problem and diagnose repairs.