Brake Repairs & Servicing

Brake Servicing & Trailer Brakes Yeppoon

Brake Repairs & Servicing Yeppoon

Brake Repairs & Servicing

At TRG we offer brake repairs & servicing on all vehicles. We can machine brake rotors to save money on buying new rotors, if the rotors can’t be saved we can replace your old rotors or brake drums with new parts when required. The mechanics also have extensive knowledge on repairing entire brake systems from what fluid goes into the braking system to what brake pads are going to be best suited to the specific vehicle and its uses.

Trailer Brakes

We specialise in repairing trailer brakes right through from boat trailers that have spent the past 20 years rusting away in salt water to the typical handyman’s box trailer. Trailer brakes vary from mechanical to electric or even hydraulic. If you need any braking upgrades we can even convert mechanical to electric over hydraulic brakes to get the customer the stopping power they need when hauling large loads.

Electronic Brakes

With larger trailers they may require electric brakes. One thing we see a lot of is yes the trailer may have electric brakes but what good is it if the trailer has electric brakes and the vehicle towing the trailer has not got a compatible electric braking system? At TRG we can fit correct, easy-to-use Trailer braking systems to vehicles this will ensure you are getting the most out of your trailers brakes and also the tow vehicle.

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